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Kelvale Agri Machinery Ltd

We Serve Your Needs

Get to know Kelvale Agri Machinery Ltd, a leading Farm Machinery Supplier South Kilkenny . The company was founded in 2015 when father and son Nicholas and Jamie Kelly, noticed there was a demand in the farming machinery market for a quality used tractor catering to clientele who had a need for a reliable quality machine to carry out daily farm work yet was highly affordable in comparison to buying from a dealership off the shelf. 

Since then, we have been sourcing tractors from Ireland and the UK specifically tailored to our customers functional needs and budget. We lead the way in a personalised buying experience and follow it up with an additional servicing and parts offering. 

In 2020 we added Pottinger Machinery to our portfolio of machinery that we carry by becoming one of the few official licensed suppliers of Pottinger Machinery for the South East. Through our partnership with Pottinger we carry top quality machinery for grass and tillage as well as distribute parts from our store.

Nicholas and Jamie also run their family dairy and tillage farm based in Glenmore, Co Kilkenny

Our Team.

Meet the crew behind the scenes here at Kelvale Agri Machinery.


Anthony Murphy

Lead Mechanic

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